Kiku Tanto KU-02


When SOG inspiration meets master craftsmanship, true works of art are born. Introducing the SOG Kikus, collaborations with custom knife maker Kikuo Matsuda. Kiku is considered to be the finest hand grinder in the world. Over his lifetime he has developed techniques that are simply unparalleled. He is able to combine flat, hollow, and convex (Hamaguri) grinds that all interact seamlessly. He does it by altering his finger pressure and listening to the sound of the grinder without actually seeing the blade. His works are in the some of the finest collections in the world. This collection features mirror polished blades with double bevel grinds, green canvas Micarta handles, and OU-31 steel. OU-31 is a micro fine steel that features high hardness Rc. 64 and is 3 times tougher than D2 steel. Only a few serialized pieces will be created as the master Kiku must grind each himself. All will come with a custom leather sheath, presentation box, and certificate of authenticity. Rarity Note: Anyone interested in purchasing these Kiku knives needed to prepay prior to SOG placing the order. Only a couple were completed each month due to the high retail cost. The Kiku Tanto originally retailed at $2,590.00 back in 2010-2013 and 100 might have been made. Therefore, these Kiku’s are exceptionally rare today.


Name: Kiku Tanto
Model #: KU-02
Blade Shape: Tanto
Edge Type: Straight
Overall Length: 14"
Blade Length: 8.25"
Blade Thickness: 0.16"
Weight: 22 oz.
HRC: 64
Steel: OU-31
Finish: Mirror Polished
Handle Material: Linen Micarta
Sheath Material: Leather - Black
Country Manufactured: Seki Japan
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Kiku Tanto KU-02

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