Pocket PowerPlier ClamPak S44


SOG’s Deluxe Pocket PowerPlier is packed with 6 essential tools and exclusive interlocking gears that are the driving force behind SOG’s renowned PowerPlier® Series. They allow these amazing multi-tools to be opened with a one-handed flip of the wrist and also generates Compound Leverage® action that doubles the pliers force with one-time the hand pressure. These gears also allow the pliers to be easily flipped open with one hand so your tool is ready to act quickly. Note: This package is incorrectly labeled as “S45 Deluxe” model, but the multitool is missing the 3 added tools that would make it a deluxe.

  • Closed: 4″
  • Open: 6″
  • Weight: 5.5 oz.
  • Head Type: Needle Nose
  • Steel: Stainless
  • Finish: Polished
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Components:
    • 1/2 Serrated Blade
    • 2-Sided File
    • Large Screwdriver
    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Can Opener/Small Screwdriver
    • Wire Cutter


Name: Pocket PowerPlier ClamPak
Model #: S44
Finish: Stainless
Sheath Material: Leather
Country Manufactured: USA
Box Included: Yes
Item Price:   

Pocket PowerPlier ClamPak S44

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