Pocket PowerPlier Gold T44


The gold TiNi Pocket PowerPlier is a lighter, sleeker, and sports a slim, needle nose plier head. We managed to pack the same power, durability and strength of the PowerLock in to this smaller package. Features include hex bolt construction, one hand opening and compound leverage. The gold TiNi coating exhibit extreme Rockwell 90 hardness, are exceptionally scratch and peel resistant, and help corrosion resistance. Heavy wear surfaces, like the pliers and wire cutters, achieve superior performance with SOG’s TiNi hardcase coatings. They also make a statement style!


Name: Pocket PowerPlier Gold
Model #: T44
Finish: Gold TiNi
Sheath Material: Leather Pouch
Country Manufactured: USA
Box Included: N/A
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Pocket PowerPlier Gold T44

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