PowerCut Rainbow


A completely new approach on multi-tools for the industrial trade or do-it-yourselfer, the PowerCut features a cutting plier for easy work in Short jaws and beveled cutting edges permit close cutting of wire… and we do it with compound leverage! Three wire strippers (10, 12, 14 gauge) are provided in the jaws. A stout compound leverage plier/crimper is located between the handles as well. Also built into the PowerCut is the new multi-size wire stripper component for stripping smaller sized wire. The job site will never be the same again! Rarity Note: Although the PowerCut was advertised in SOG’s 2007-2009 catalogs, it was never sold due to problems related to the wire cutter, which makes this Rainbow PowerCut exceptionally rare today.


Name: PowerCut Rainbow
Model #: N/A
Finish: Rainbow TiNi
Sheath Material: N/A
Country Manufactured: USA
Box Included: N/A
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PowerCut Rainbow

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