PowerLock Camo w/V-Cutter *B61


Tigerstriping offered in 2005 SOG Catalog: “Tigerstriping is one of most interesting camouflage patterns and was developed in Vietnam to blend into triple canopy as well as other environments. Ourt artisans at SOG have created a special process to selectively remove TiNi and black oxide coatings to produce these interesting patterns. Be the first on your block to own one! Custom TigerStriping is available on select products including the Black PowerLock, Pocket PowerPlier plus man more. No two are exactly the same from our custom shop. Call the SOG sales department for more detailed information on custom TigerStriping.


Name: PowerLock Camo w/V-Cutter
Model #: *B61
Finish: TiNi Black Camo
Sheath Material: Leather Pouch
Country Manufactured: USA
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PowerLock Camo w/V-Cutter *B61

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