PowerPlay PX1001


Compact, comfortable, and feature-rich, the PowerPlay brings many often-used tool components into a small, pocketable multi-tool. Equipped with pliers powered by Compound Leverage, the jaws of the PowerPlay has double the grasping power for increased grip and reduced slippage. The PowerPlay also features a straight edge and a fully serrated blade that can be accessed single-handedly without opening the tool. This design gives easy access to the frequently used blades for cutting and slicing. When the tool is closed, the top has a centered hex bit driver which is convenient and comfortable to use while minimizing chances of stripped screw heads. Each handle is home to different useful tools like screwdrivers, can/bottle opener, saw, awl, file, and more: a total of 18 tool components.


Name: PowerPlay
Model #: PX1001-BX
Finish: Bead Blasted
Sheath Material: GRN Belt Clip
Country Manufactured: China
Box Included: N/A
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PowerPlay PX1001

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