PowerPlier RVSD S65


The PowerPliers are the only tools of their kind to use compound leverage! What this means is that with the same hand strength you can generate twice the wire cutting and plier gripping strength than in all other conventional designs. Another first is the use of intermeshing gears which allow the pliers to be flipped open with a simple one hand reasease… similiar to the butterfly knife! Grab you PowerPlier while balancing on a tight rope, flip it out and enjoy working with a crafted machine. PowerPliers can be adjusted and dismantled for cleaning or changing of the tool components. Use our accessory wrench kit to make it more convenient! Ask about the additional components that allow you to customize your tool. Tools included were: 1/2″ serrated blade, Phillips Screwdriver, Small, Medium, Large Screwdriver, Can/Bottle Opener, Pliers, Grippers, Wire-Cutters, Awl, Small Blade, Square Drive, Chisel, Files – Fine, Coarse & Metal Sawcut, Double-Tooth Saw, Measuring Scales Inches and Centimeters. Note: RVSD in the product name represents “Revised.”  The earliest PowerPliers were flat-nose and new versions were revised to needle-nose pliers.


Name: PowerPlier RVSD
Model #: S65
Finish: Stainless
Sheath Material: Leather Pouch
Country Manufactured: USA
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PowerPlier RVSD S65

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