Q4 Baton ID1031


Baton is a family of multi-tools that provides the functionality of real quality tools while fitting the lifestyle and aesthetics of modern users. Each tool caters to a different use scenario and is complementary to at least two other tools in the family of four. Each one of the four is designed for a different purpose and user. In slim and innovative form factors, the Batons are not much longer than a pencil and about the thickness of a marker. They fit easily in a pants pocket or in the pen slots of a bag organizer. The sleek, minimalistic design opens up to reveal a variety of useful tools. Each Baton’s toolset accommodates separate users: office & personal, urban emergency, basic wilderness & urban essentials, and advanced wilderness & urban essentials. The Baton Q4 is your best friend. A modification and amplification of the Q3, this multi-tool is expandable and adaptable to suit your custom needs in the moment. Based on the classic multi-tool, it is armed with next-level necessities for wilderness and urban ventures. Tools included: Pliers, Gripper, Soft Wire Cutter, Straight Edge Blade, 3-Sided File, Can Opener, Small Flathead Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Medium Flathead Screwdriver, Magnetic Ratchet Driver plus Magnetic 12-Piece Hex Bit Kit.


Name: Q4 Baton
Model #: ID1031
Finish: Black/Grey
Sheath Material: Leather Pouch
Country Manufactured: China
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Q4 Baton ID1031

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