Recon Bowie Japan SBR-80


The original Recon Bowie was secretly designed for SOG’s clandestine and cross-border Recon teams that saw vicious, close-quarter combat. Today, there are only a handful of these extremely rare and valuable knives remaining. An exquisite design, the SOG Recon Bowie captures the essence of this unique fixed blade. Elongated grind lines abound on the SOG Recon Bowie’s flat ground blade. Like the original SOG Bowie, it is created with the same high-carbon, SK5 steel and gun-blued for rust inhibition and stealth. The brass cross guard and pommel enhance its beauty and utilitarian design while an epoxied leather handle and spanner nut provide excellent balance and feel. The SOG Recon Bowie’s high-quality leather scabbard and wrist thong further adds to its authenticity, making this classic blades a useful and stunning knife to own and carry. Rarity Note: This SBR-80 was produced in Japan by G. Sakai and sold in Japan prior to making its way to USA. The knife itself is identical to the Recon Bowie, but has the brown leather sheath that many Japanese produced SOG Knives are known for having.


Name: Recon Bowie
Model #: SBR-80
Blade Shape: Clip Point
Edge Type: Straight
Overall Length: 12.0"
Blade Length: 7.0"
Blade Thickness: 0.225"
Weight: 11.75 oz.
HRC: 57-58
Steel: SK-5 Carbon
Finish: Gun Blued
Handle Material: Leather
Sheath Material: Leather
Country Manufactured: Seki Japan
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Recon Bowie Japan SBR-80

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