SCUBA/DEMO Damascus Prototype


This SCUBA/DEMO Damascus is a prototype sourced from the Kinryu plant in Seki, Japan per the original owner. This prototype is truly a great looking knife too and a rare bit of SOG history. According to a long-time SOG employee, the Damascus Scuba/DEMO’s without serial numbers and Spencer Frazer’s autograph were the first batch of 25 made and delivered to SOG in 2004. Unfortunately, Spencer was disappointed that the layer lines were too straight and didn’t adequately show off the layers of steel with more unique detail, so he sent them back to the manufacturer. The next batch of 25 were accepted and the pommels were stamped with serial numbers and autographed by Spencer. These 25 Scuba/DEMO’s were taken to the 2004 Blade Show and sold to lucky SOG enthusiasts. The first prototypes sat on a shelf in Japan until approximately 2016 when the Kinryu plant permanently closed its doors and sold its inventory. Most of these knives were sold to a single buyer in Canada who then sold them on eBay in 2016 – 2017. Regardless, the gorgeous Damascus pattern makes this knife a very unique piece along with the blade shape that speak about quality and the excellent Japanese craftsmanship that went into forging process.


Name: SCUBA/DEMO Damascus
Model #: Prototype
Blade Shape: Clip Point
Edge Type: Straight
Overall Length: 12.25"
Blade Length: 7.25"
Blade Thickness: 0.230"
Box Included: N/A
Weight: 12.4 oz.
HRC: Unknown
Steel: Damascus
Finish: Damascus
Handle Material: Leather
Sheath Material: Leather
Country Manufactured: Seki Japan
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SCUBA/DEMO Damascus Prototype

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