Trident 20th Annv. S-2B


This S2 Trident is interesting due to not having the SEKI JAPAN stamp on the blade, but JAPAN stamped on the pommel like the earliest of SOG knives produced. Named after our most capable special forces unit, the Navy SEALS and displays its emblem… the Seal Trident. The Trident represents the accomplishments of a man who has undergone the most rigorous training program that can be devised to produce the consummate warrior. Only a select few are accorded the right to wear the Trident on their uniform. Our Trident knife embodies this spirit with its exacting and meticulous construction. Features such as our all stainless steel construction, surgically precise hollow grinds, laser cut micarta washer handles, aircraft spanner nut pommel assemblies, etc… it will guarantee sophisticated performance at any altitude or depth. *Rarity Note: This Trident 20th Anniversary is exceptionally rare due to being only produced for one year and is very difficult to obtain today.


Name: Trident 20th Annv.
Model #: S-2B
Blade Shape: Bowie
Edge Type: Straight
Overall Length: 10.75"
Blade Length: 6.25"
Blade Thickness: 0.24"
Box Included: N/A
Weight: 11.2 oz.
HRC: 57-58
Steel: AUS-8
Finish: Satin
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath Material: Nylon
Country Manufactured: Taiwan
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Trident 20th Annv. S-2B

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