W. Marine Performance Sailing MT 11001591


Another version of the PowerAssist, which includes rigging essentials like a partially serrated blade, marlin spike and wrench for making adjustments on the fly or cutting line. With patented Compound Leverage, the exclusive interlocking gear design of the Sailor’s pliers results in double the squeezing power of conventional designs. A pleasure to use, handles have shields that close over the recessed components for a firm, comfortable grip. Components lock in place to prevent accidental closures and finger cuts. The hex bolt construction permits easy component changes, cleaning and adjustment. Also includes wire cutter and crimper, flat screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, three-sided file, bottle opener, rulers, lanyard loop and a nylon pouch (not shown).


Name: W. Marine Performance Sailing MT
Model #: 11001591
Finish: Stainless
Sheath Material: Nylon
Country Manufactured: USA
Box Included: 
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W. Marine Performance Sailing MT 11001591

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